Blog plugin for pimcore

Opublikowany 13 listopada 2012, w Pimcore, przez Rafał Gałka

I know, if you want a good blog system there is WordPress. But if you need powerful content management system with simple blog module, this plugin is for you!

This first stable release includes all the necessary blog functionalities:

  • Entries grouped in categories (build on pimcore data objects which are fully customizable)
  • RSS/ATOM feed
  • Snippets with categories / calendar / feed links / latest entries
  • Comments provided by Commenting plugin integration
  • Tags provided by Tags Field V2 plugin integration
Source available on GitHub.
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2 Responses to Blog plugin for pimcore

  1. Dave Bell pisze:

    Have you successfully made the blog plugin compatible with version 3.0.6? If not, do you have any insight into how that would be possible?

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